Monday, August 23, 2010

A bit of a tidbit with ketchup...

This blog has been pretty dead, as you may have noticed. There's a reason for that. I am trying really hard to separate my three writing venues, my LJ, this blog, and FB, by topic, and, to a degree, by f-list. So if you have been waiting to see what will happen next, this is the deal: This blog is going to be the venue for my poetry, and my discussion, which is going to get deeper and more arcane, of the growth of the Clan of 1734 Witchcraft I am trying to establish in SLC, Utah. I am a Holder of Virtue of 1734, Joseph Bearwalker Wilson stream, and I am feeling a in, he's been visiting me in divination and dreamwork....and saying, "When the living HELL are you going to claim your Legacy and DO something with those Admissions...?" This is not my coven work, which is related to the kind of thing Joe was doing with Toteg (and those who knew him knew that Toteg Tribe became his primary spiritual focus in the years before his death), and our coven in my spiritual life is paramount. But there is a need to feed the Stream, and find a way to enrich and enflesh the Legacy and pass it on. SO this will be a place where I discuss, as much as I can, that process as it's ongoing. If you're getting this because you Follow me, you might want to decide on the basis of what my topics of discussion will be on this blog whether or not you want to continue to Follow me. I won't be offended by anyone who chooses not to, especially if you're someone I also talk to on FB and LJ. FB will become my daily touch-base for RL friends, and my LJ is mostly to keep in touch with my Pacific Northwest community of friends, and to talk about general Pagan philosophies and tidbits of personal news. And if you're getting an e-mail with this message and a link, that's because you're someone I think, from our prior interactions, might be interested in what I am going to be doing here. But again, feel free NOT to link, if you think you wouldn't be's really up to you.


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