Friday, May 1, 2009

Poetry Challenge

This actually took place in the month of April, National Poetry Month, but as you saw I was in the process of teaching poetry and featuring poets of all kinds and styles. Not my own stuff. So here is the Poetry Challenge, but it's for May.

First prompt...
Write a poem about a first..


It was a small package,
Not obtrusive.

It felt, in the mailbox,
Like one more relic
Of a desultory march through e-bay.

But opened,
It scintillated,

It belied its humble cloak
Of mailing envelope
By springing full-blown to life,

Denying the staid wrappings
And blaring its insistent trumpet of my name
Into its genuine listing of authors.

Brilliantly my own words resound
On the last four pages,
As something awaited, stayed for...

There I was,
Published anthologically
For the very first time.

I wonder if anything
Will ever feel this much again
Like an ultimate birthday.

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