Saturday, May 2, 2009

Prompt: Write an "Outsider" poem.

Looking In

I am never going to understand it...
I watch them,
Laughing, hilarious.
Slapping one another's shoulders
Splashing beer,
Raucous, overblown,

No two faces alike in expression,
Not really,
And yet they all, somehow,
Make one thing...

"One big teeth", in the words
Of some other poet
Whose name I've forgotten.

So I watch.
Outside the wraith
Not part, not wanting to be...

I can't understand it.
NBA Playoffs....who the hell cares?
But I know I am the outsider here
The minority...

Next St. Patrick's Day I will find
A different bar,
Wine, maybe
And Irish dancing.

Fat chance, tonight.
I stand outside and wonder
Then turn and leave.

Think I like it outside.
I will go home
And read a book.

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