Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Opening the Bag...

It's been a while--lots of other life going on, but I am being called again to open the Crane Bag and withdraw the poet's/bard's tools, all in the honor of My Lady Brighid, and in the interest of growing my own Work since I now have people I am teaching...I have a feeling the Gods have something they want from me, and I haven't been listening as loudly as I should have---so--today, I am going to begin something anew, something I hope will continue. I am not "shoulding on myself" because that will just make me bitchy. But I do WANT to do this--to think, to write, to share--and so, I will, as often as that happens.

For today: I wrote this a few days ago in a new poet's group I belong to, and I think it has the right resonance for what I want to say, and where I am going with my life right now...

Alphabet for Life

Be aware,
Carefully considering options,
Doing only what is
Exigent for this very moment.

Gentle nudging,
Holding steady to
Inner vision, never wavering,
Just being responsive and pliant.

Loving care,
Meditation, core ethics,
Numinous awareness of Being,
Only these serve the Soul.

Quietly dreaming,
Reveries containing us,
Somehow we may come
To find truth, our truth.

Very specifically,
We are not
Xenagogues here. Small 't'--
Your truth is your own.

Zen is the only answer.

Aisling the Bard, March 9, 2012

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