Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What if...?

I wrote the following "status" on FB this morning:

What if, today, I did something I have never done before? What if, today, I got in touch with someone I have almost forgotten about? What if, today, I did something kind for someone I don't even know, something that is of no possible benefit to me? What if, today, I spent several hours out in Nature, away by myself with no one else around? What if, today, any one of these things might possibly change my world forever? What if....

I was thinking about daily-ness, about the way we have our routines and we cling to them. I was actually thinking how much I like my own routine as I got up and went to make my first cup of coffee and listened to the silence of the house with the wind swinging the wind-chimes outside, and my love asleep across the room, and such a feeling of peace and comfort...

And I was contrasting this with my online world, where I had three situations where there was incipient drama or problems with which I must occupy myself, and I wondered if perhaps these things might negatively impact my peace...

And then I really got real with it. The mantra for me is "think like a Witch." And I began to remind myself of some things I seem to have forgotten. I am going to write them down, here, so I can come back and look at them. If they are of benefit to you, too, that's a plus, but these things are things I need to consciously recall, and with which I need to realign myself.

Point: There is no "unimportant" or "meaningless" moment in my life. Even those moments in which I tell myself I am "doing nothing" are also something. There is such a thing as conscious emptiness, and this is what I need to cultivate. A moment of stillness is not "unimportant" because nothing active is happening. Quite the contrary.

Point: I am always in charge of my life. No one ever "makes" me feel any way. No one ever "makes" me do any thing. I always have all the choices, so I always have all the responsibility.

Point: There is always something "happening" around me, even in stillness, even in silence. There is always something to which I may/must/should "Pay Attention." Along with there being no "meaningless" moment, there is no moment which is not part of the dance of life. Small stuff is big stuff.

Point: My thoughts are worth my time and focus. Being active in a community, interacting with others, is a good thing, but is not better than, nor preferable to, being by myself and being with myself. Sometimes my own ideas, thoughts, and company are the best gift I can give to myself.

Point: I will never know how far my own influence reaches. I will never know whether something I said in passing has a profound effect on another person. I will never know how widely will spread the ripples of my own acts and words. So I need to carefully consider what I say or what I do, because it is all capable of changing the Universe.

Hmm.....that's quite the compendium of Witchy thinking. I think I have a bit on which to ruminate. Time for another cup of coffee and some interaction with my Self. Have a wonderful next moment!

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