Sunday, April 19, 2009

National Poetry Month, Day 20

The God Gene

I don't know quite how to think about this....
Somewhere on a sub-molecular level
We are supposed to be hard-wired to Deity....

I hadn't planned on worrying about it.
Life comes at me daily, with the teaching of the moment...

Not sure I like the idea that I am intended to do it all,
Not making my own choices, intuitive, numinous, immediate,
But following what Someone Else's divine intent has planned,
Making me more a vegetable being fertilized and watered
Than a human soul making decisions.

I find that in human connections,
Whether the deep and nurturant bond between spouses
Or the fraternal, sororal, and intended connections among family of choice,
Much room must be left for the individual meme...

Where human interconnection is concerned,
The paths are as important as the junctions.
The old adage goes, "You can lead a horse to water..."
And the drink is definitely on us....

OK, then. I am distracted by the thought of being impelled.
It sends me around another one of those roundabouts of philosophy.

So....we may be hard-wired to believe...
But if God, or Nature, did, can do, that kind of tampering,
That forcing of the Will, that warping of natural process...
What end could justify such unethical means?

Then, if it is so, if it/he/she/they, can do this, has done it... my lexicon, it/he/she/they....are not God.
Because God is greater than to need our forced and compelled belief.

If I can't get there on my own,
It isn't worth the trip.

Aisling the Bard
Winter 2008

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