Sunday, April 26, 2009

National Poetry Month, Day 27

Today is the birthday of my beloved, and so today's poem is for her:

Fairy Queen

Beautiful as Beauty is which does not know its face is fair.
Rare and precious as a diamond hidden in a pirate's lair.
In her heart no thought except how best to meet another's need…
Always looking for the next most helpful, selfless word or deed.
Never first to speak a word of argument or injury.
All the beauty of an April day; This is my love, to me.

Keeping faith forever once her lips have passed her given word.
In her speech no trace of other's private sayings e'er is heard.
Reaching out without a murmur, helping before help is asked.
Simply keeping on each day to complete all with which she's tasked.
Tender to each child, each creature, each who comes with tears of pain.
Even when her own is greater, no one ever asks in vain.
No one more beloved. She is all that ever I need gain.

Blessed is the day upon which she, beloved, came to Earth.
Once in all the world was such a fairy treasure given birth.
Once alone was such a lovely woman's heart decreed to grow
Surely Someone wiser was the first to understand and know
Every way her love would bless my life. May it be ever so!!

For my love on her birthday, April 25, 2009

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