Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pagan Paeans Shameless Plug and Even More Shameless Self-Egoboo

Pagan Paeans Shameless Promotion !!
Pre-order your copy now from and be the first to own one!

Pagan Paeans has an IBSN 978-0-9562403-0-9 and can be wholesaled or bought directly...

from May 1st it will be available through (USA, UK and Ireland, Europe, Rest of World) (paypal, postal order, individual sales or wholesale UK and Ireland only )
or teleordering (wholesale only)

Hate Poetry?
Fake it. I don't care :) This is a note of Shameless Celtic Boasting in the grand tradition of our forebears to raise awareness that A) we have an Anthology and B) it's damn fine. PPP Publications are terribly proud of themselves :)And if you're thinking why the giddy hell is she annoying ME with's so you know we have an anthology so yah boo !

Can you help?
Want one? buy one!
Like it? promote it!
Know a bookshop? ask them to take one!

And yes, that is TOO my own poetry in there. Aisling the Bard, at your service....want me to sign that?

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