Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fire In The Head--National Poetry Month, Again..

I am once again participating in the Poem-A-Day Challenge from the Writer's Digest in honor of National Poetry Month. So, here's my first attempt, following today's prompt:

April 1: For today’s prompt, write a communication poem. The communication could be dialogue between two (or more people); a postcard correspondence; a letter; a voicemail; a text message; a series of tweets; or whatever. Heck, I guess a poem is a form of communication–so there’s really no way to screw up today’s prompt (outside of writing nothing at all). Let’s get this party started!

Are You Up There?

Sometimes I feel
There's no one home,
Whenever I try
Communicating with Deity.

I never seem to connect.
I sometimes hear buzzing
Like a busy signal,
Or party-line static.

I know there are others
Who are also trying...
I guess if there's really
One God up there,

With all the people who pray,
He/She/It might not have
Time to do anything
But listen, not answer.

So, it's discouraging...
But wait! Here's the Sun,
And here's a fresh breeze
Carrying a ladybug--

It's March. It's early...
Never saw one quite this soon--
But it landed on my blouse.
Guess this is my answer.

Thanks. I'll call again later.

© Aisling the Bard, 2012. All Rights Reserved

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