Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sorry Song...

April 3, 2012: Day 3, National Poetry Month Poem-A-Day Challenge

Daily Prompt: For today’s prompt, there are actually two options, because it’s Tuesday, which means a “Two for Tuesday” prompt. They are:
  • Write an apology poem, or…
  • Write an unapologetic poem.

Your choice. You can be sorry–or not. Or write about someone who is sorry–or not.


I have some thoughts on this--here they are:

Sorry, Are Ya?

So I see you up there,
On the podium,
Exhorting the "little people",
Reminding us how much better
Things would be if you
Got to be the POTUS.

I hear your ringing tones
Declaiming your recipe
For massive change, for how
You would put a Repugnicant
Band-aid on the cancer
And make it all better.

I hear you saying, always,
Whether in word or in tone
Or in toxic implication
How the guy in the White House
Has made things so much worse--
But you, you will fix it.

And I hear you saying
How very sorry you are
That our country has come to this...
How sorry you are about it all,
The economy, godlessness, gay rights,
Such a mess! All his fault!!

And I? I believe you.
I believe you are sorry,
Sorry in ways you can't imagine.
A sorrier excuse for a human being
I have never seen, nor heard.
You're sorry, all right. Shut up.

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