Saturday, April 3, 2010

National Poetry Month, Day 3

I am going to celebrate National Poetry Month, this year, with my own work, some recycled, some new. Here's a prompt for you....What's the first "-ing word" that comes to your mind? Make that your poem's title, and proceed in accordance....

Here's mine, one I wrote a number of years ago for My Honey, on seeing her photo seeming to look down on me from the wall. I looked back, and I called it...


I sit here in my armchair
Gazing at your face
Smiling down from the wall at me
With your accustomed grace

Or sometimes, when you’re busy
I just glance, unnoticed,

And you put me in a tizzy,
Even when you’re fully focused
On whatever you are doing.

I can sneak a look and wonder
How long have you been brewing
The spell you have me under?

I fall away from my own work, uncaring
And watch the play of light
and shadow in your eyes…

It's always a surprise,
And always a delight,
To look when you don’t see. How can I, daring

To disturb your concentration,
Even for a minute,

Intrude on you with talk of love
And how deep I am in it?

I love to rediscover how lovely you can be
while doing something focused,
that is nowise about me.

No matter how many times
I see you on the sofa
It is always a surprise that I never quite get over.

That you love me?!?

Then you look up
and give me that impish grin
and remind me once again, brand-new,
how deep the love I'm in...

No matter what you’re doing, I can be
As stealthy as a cat, and turn my head
And try to see
What are you thinking? Watching? Doing?

But…It never fails...

You will look up at me,
as if I had just called your name, instead
Of silently

just touching with my eyes…as if I touched, pursuing.

And love prevails.

You are forever somewhere, in your head
Or in a job of work…but I, unknown,
Can watch as if I were not there,
And know that you alone
Belong to me. On any day I gaze
You are within my view. The lamplight plays
Upon your hair, your skin…you have your work

But I….have you.

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