Thursday, April 1, 2010

National Poetry Month, Day 1

Poetry Prompt--It's a Nine-Nine-Nine....closest book to hand, page nine, every ninth word, nine words total, and nine lines. Extra credit if you use nine words per line. Omit prepositions and conjunctions, as well as proper names...use every other word in your count. See what you can do with it. Here's mine:


Too Little, Too Late

I remember a story my father told me once,
A tale of an eastern star, remote and cold,
And of its fall into oblivion, due to being
Fixed on its dignity, at the expense of brilliance.

Dad reminded me that I also was too quick
To judge, to assume, to decide that some dingy
Remnant of someone's life, laid on their kitchen table
Was beneath my use, too simple, not wise enough.

And then, he died. I found his words.....eternal.

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