Friday, November 4, 2011

November PAD Chapbook Challenge, Day 4

For today’s prompt, write a poem about finding something unexpected. Maybe it’s a note from a friend or a bag filled with money (or guns). Maybe it’s finding a lover with someone who’s not you. Or finding a secluded place to sit in the middle of the forest and think.

Finding Equilibrium

Keeping my balance
Has never been something
I do with aplomb.

I usually find that
I need to be ranting
Before I am calm.

But sometimes a feeling
Of deep reassurance
Is found unawares

Whenever I look at
My dear wife's endurance
And see how she cares

For the raddled, guilt-ridden
And sometimes erratic
Impetuous part of me...

She's my center of peace,
She's the calm, but ecstatic
Delight in the heart of me.

And so, I muddle on
And when I'm on the brink of
The dive to oblivion

I see how she loves me,
And suddenly think of
The love, hers, I'm living on.

It never has failed me,
And I know I'll never
Have reason to doubt it.

She's my still point, my balance.
From now 'til forever
I can't move without it.

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