Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November PAD Chapbook Challenge, Day 8

Here are the options for today’s “Two for Tuesday” prompt:

  1. Write a paranormal poem. In case you’re unsure, click here for a thorough definition of the term “paranormal.”
  2. Write a normal poem. I’m not sure what a normal poem is, but if you do (and you want to write one), go for it!

The Norm, Reworked

He arrived, quietly,
Not a hair out of place,
Suit neatly brushed,
Tie in a firm knot,
Face pasty,
Voice quiet.

He sat down at his desk
And began to push papers,
Speaking to no one.

He took out a small
Plastic badge
And pinned it to his lapel.
It said,
"Hi. I'm Norm."

We worked together
For many years.
He spoke seldom,
Never complained,
Took what he was given.

Management thought him
The perfect employee,
No trouble whatsoever.

Then, almost overnight,
Things changed.
He started
To work out.

He began to get stronger,
He developed a tan,
His hair got mussed.
He arrived at work,
Somewhat disheveled.

He began to speak up.
He disagreed with management.
He went on strike.

He bulked up,
Became stronger,
More vociferous,
Somewhat difficult.

He got his muscles
Really ripped,
Abs beyond belief,
So that we began
To think of him
As "AB Norm..."

He's a lot stronger now.
He's harder to work with.
He's outside the Norm
He used to be.
He's difficult.

I think of him as "Al"
Al he can be...
He's AB Norm Al...

And I like him better.

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