Sunday, November 6, 2011

November PAD Chapbook Challenge, Day 6

For today’s prompt, write an addict poem. There are lots of possible addictions out there–some of them serious and some of them not so much. For instance, there are times when I think I’m addicted to work and pop (“pop” is what we call soda or cola in Ohio, where I was raised). Anyway, I realize today’s prompt might stir up some skeletons for some folks. For instance, I doubt I would’ve ever written my poem today without this prompt to prompt me.

A Positive Addiction

An addiction is something
That drives you, that owns you...
The more you have of
Whatever it is
To which you are addicted,
The more you want...

Until, finally, after many
Days, months, years, of indulging
You, or someone close to you
That you cannot
Be without whatever it is--

And then it begins,
The loving, perhaps stern,
Totally focused
(And often misguided)
Attempts at "intervention",
Weaning you from the drug.

And so--I need to tell you,
I am a hard-core addict.
Intervention won't help.
Many before you have tried
But they, and I, know that
I will simply relapse.

I need it. I can't possibly
Live, or function, without it.
No matter how many
Placebo substitutes
You offer me
They won't work.

Forget about it.
I simply maintain
My right to live my life
As I see fit.
Leave me to the "crack"
Because I am a junkie.

Intelligent writing,
Intelligible prose.
Correct grammar and usage.
Correct use of the apostrophe.
Spelling "by the book"...
(That would be the "dictionary")

Despite herculean efforts
Of those who love me
To wean me onto "l33t"
And away from my affair
With the English language.
I am addicted to it all.

I am not going to change.
I will not stop using
The language and the lexicon
As I was taught in the dark ages.
I'm a hopeless case.
Leave me alone, 'k?

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